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Client Requirement


What You Need to Know before We Arrive with the Water Truck:
  • Has the Poison Oak or Blackberries been cleared away?
  • Most single lane roads are about 10 feet wide.
  • Access and turnaround are key to a timely delivery. For example, if there is no turn-around on site and we must back in a 1/4 mile up a dirt road, it will probably take more time, thus an increase the cost of delivery.
  • Road conditions also play a part in the process. If the road needs considerable tractor work, then that may cause a delay, preventing the ability to make the delivery.
  • Be aware of Private bridges and knowing their load capacity because that determines how much water we can bring across that bridge. For Example: if the bridge has a 20-ton limit then we can only bring 2,000 gallons per load to not exceed capacity.
  • Gates can also affect delivery. For example: we need to know up front if we need a gate code or if the gate is quick closing we would need to be locked open. Other important factors with gates are knowing their accessibility, specifically how wide they are (10 ft wide min) and making sure the road is wide enough that the turn into the gate can be made by that wide of the vehicle.
The main point to this is that the more information we have about your property, the better we can serve you as a client!! Please know that if you do not comply with the requirements, there will be additional charges due to us having to do the work for you

Our Recommendation?

Try to locate a 12-foot pole. Place it vertically at the outside edges of the roadway and remove anything that falls within or below those parameters.