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Heavy Gear Enterprises covers all your utility service needs. We have the best practices and all the necessary equipment to complete what needs to be done right on schedule and definitely within your budget.

Our team specializes in providing complete and comprehensive utility contracting services, including installation, removal, and of course, repairs of underground water and sewer lines. We can work on a wide range of materials and depths.

Aside from addressing the needs of countless homeowners who have found our services more than satisfactory, we have also developed long-term professional with city project managers who know that they can rely on us to handle the utility repair needs of their municipalities efficiently. In every project that we handle, we are able to develop the appropriate and effective repair plan that can address unique challenges in a timely manner.

We go beyond the initial installation of water systems and pipelines. Heavy Gear Enterprises can be depended on for any of your ongoing needs regarding water services and emergency repairs. We can inspect and repair structures to make sure that your system is functioning without a hitch. With the latest equipment and years of experience, our technicians can repair any damage or leaks in your existing meters, pipelines, pumps, and stations.

If you are in need of any utility repair service and other contracting solutions, do not hesitate to call Heavy Gear Enterprises! You can contact us for a free estimate, too! We look forward to helping you!


If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to reach out to us because we’d be happy to tell you how we can meet all your commercial delivery needs!

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