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Bulk Water Delivery - Events

Do you have an event coming?

Whether it is a festival, a fair, a farmers market, a holiday parade, a sports tournament, a pet show, or a demonstration, one thing is for sure – water is going to be needed. And sometimes, water is simply not readily available.

Our trucks are configured to be mobile potable water sources; for example, you have a bicycle race and along the route, there is no water in a particular area of the event we could post in that area and provide that resource. It could be anything!

Heavy Gear Enterprises has been a trusted partner for bulk clean and potable water for various special events. We offer a variety of event water delivery options, including small water tanks with refreshing water for food vendors and customers are street fairs and open markets.

We can supply bulk water for barrels, provide water for a slip and slide and/or pool, and refill portable toilet holding tanks.

We can also provide your event with fresh and clean water in our food-grade tankers. If you want, we can add spigots to our tanks so your event visitors can easily refill their cups, bottles, and jugs. Additionally, we can also provide you with water towers with spigots and have them strategically placed in areas where your visitors can conveniently tap water into their cups. This is usually the preferred setup of organizers of many sports events.

Whatever your water needs may be, we can have fresh and clean water delivered to your event site whenever you need it. No matter how big or small your event may be, do not hesitate to contact Heavy Gear Enterprises! We’ll take care of your water needs so you can focus on your event!

If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to reach out to us because we’d be happy to tell you how we can meet all your water delivery needs!

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